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Dani Dare
"I love to put on sexy outfits for my husband when we go out," 50-year-old trophy wife and mom Dani Dare said. "I will tease a few people we see, do a little grinding on the dance floor and then come back and lay a big, wet kiss on him to let everyone know who I'm with. I plan sexy surprises for him. I plan our crazy vacations. I love to add some role play to sexy situations. I'm the dream wife!" She's the dream neighbor, too, as she proves here. This big-titted blonde, wearing a short, tight dress that shows off her long legs, has invited her "neighbor" over. She's caught him looking at her, and now she wants to show him more. So she gets him off by stripping naked, urging him to jack off and playing with her tight, shaved pussy. Dani is from Canada and lives in Tampa, Florida. She's married. We asked her if she's watched her scenes at and "At first I only watched the clips and trailers that were online, but I eventually ordered the DVDs I was in so my husband and I could see all the scenes. Then some friends asked to see them, so we showed them to them, too. I've had people ask me to put them on all the time. It's kinda funny but a bit of a compliment at the same time." Dani's married but that doesn't mean she can't get a little something on the side. Or a big something. So if she's at a party and finds a guy who's to her liking, she'll "walk over and tell him that my husband gave me a hall pass and my van outside has a bed in it if he is interested. Meanwhile, my husband sneaks back to the van and waits underneath to see if I got lucky!"
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Claudia KeAloha
"I love a good dick size," 50-year-old Hawaiian hottie Claudia Kealoha said. "And I love confident, assertive men. I love to have my nipples sucked a lot and my tits squeezed and played with." Claudia gets what she wants in this scene from two young, big-dicked studs, guys who are young enough to be her sons. Rocky is 24. Johnny is 26. She's impressed by their cocks when she gets her hands on them. Both of Claudia's boobie-calls are tit-men and keep her nipples tingling by sucking them as they pound her pink in a wide variety positions, take turns fucking her hooters and fill her mouth with cocks and balls. Claudia is a regular at SCORELAND, but this is her first appearance at Although she was 42 years old when we first shot her, she didn't want us to put her on our mature sites because she didn't want to reveal her age nor be known as a MILF. We kept on telling her how great she looked and how proud she should be, but for the longest time, she said, "No." Then, finally, Claudia told us it was okay to put her on, so we did, and then we put her in the Big Racks, Hot MILFs DVDs, and now she's debuting at "I hear that women like romantic fantasies. I'm not one of them," Claudia said. "I don't know how I even get there but all of a sudden I see myself sometimes with two guys, sometimes two women and a guy or sometimes my last lover. Anything to cum." Claudia is a bit of a nomad. She'll move to one city, dance in the clubs there for a while and then move on. Sometimes she's in Fort Lauderdale and sometimes Hawaii. She could be in Tampa or Sarasota or Arizona. The woman doesn't like to sit still. However... "I would say I'm really passive sexually although others might disagree. I did enjoy being with two guys. I'll be honest, Johnny was way too big for my pussy. But we did a lot of foreplay off-camera to pull the scene off. Rocky is big but very doable and yummy. Me and Rocky had talked story, like we say in Hawaii, and got to know each other quite a bit while we were in the dressing room and waiting. "This was the most fun I've had in...ever!"
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Persia Monir
Here's one of the sexiest, most-beautiful MILFs ever. Her name is Persia Monir, she has big tits and this scene was shot when she was 50 years old. It was her first time fucking on-camera, and we're presenting it on for the first time, remastered in HD. 50Plus MILFs: You really are Persian, aren't you? Persia: I am. My father was born in Iran and came over to the United States when he was 16. I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and I live in South Florida. 50Plus MILFs: Do you dance? Persia: Yes. I've been dancing since I was seven years old. I didn't start stripping until I was 34. 50Plus MILFs: People probably cannot believe that you are 50. Persia: No. People say, "50? Really? No way! You're only 33, you're only 42." Whatever. I think women should be perpetually 28. 50Plus MILFs: Do you remember the first time you were on stage? Persia: Oh, yeah! I loved it because it was natural for me. I love being on stage. 50Plus MILFs: Topless? Bottomless? Persia: Well, there was lap dancing, which shocked me. I didn't realize I was going to have to do that. I thought it was just going to be a nude bar, and then they said, "Oh, by the way, you have to put latex on your nipples and do lap dancing." But I was like a duck to water. No problem. I loved it. And I love to put the heat on. I love to be touched and stroked. And dancing in the clubs helped me learn a lot about chemistry with people. It doesn't matter what somebody looks like. It's all in their hands. A really good-looking guy could come into the club, and I'd dance for him, but he'd do nothing for me, but then some fat bald guy would make my eyes roll back in my head. Go figure! 50Plus MILFs: Orgasms while giving lap dances? You've had them? Persia: Oh, yeah! I had a guy, the DJ turned me onto him. He said, "I know that guy's got a lot of money. Go give him a dance." So I took the DJ's advice and started dancing for him, and this guy gave me an orgasm that I couldn't believe. I came so loud, I scared the hell out of him, and he ran out of the bar. I guess he couldn't handle it, and every time he saw me after that, he'd run out of the bar. 50Plus MILFs: You're a golfer. Did you ever play golf professionally? Persia: I never played on the LPGA tour. I played in some futures events, but I played a high level of amateur golf. I've won the Trans National, and I played in the Western. I never went to LPGA qualifying school, but I played in the U.S. Amateur qualifier. I feel I'm good enough to be a pro. I'm a five-handicap. 50Plus MILFs: Have you ever thought about teaching golf? Persia: Yeah. I give topless golf tips! And I'm making a nude golf video. I'm combining my two passions, golf and sex. I think it'll make a gazillion dollars and it's something nobody else can really do. Because even if they wanted to, here's the problem: If someone on the tour really wanted to do that, take her top off, it would destroy her career. It's such a conservative game and it would just destroy someone. It's really unfair. For example, I'm going to fuck Seth on the set today. He's a Marine and he really wants to volunteer and go fly and now that he's done porn, they won't allow him to be a Marine. It's just so hypocritical!
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