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Sabrina-Jade, a divorcee and mom from Bedfordshire, England, is a 50-year-old hottie with big, natural tits who wanted to try modeling. Instead of dismissing that idea as a fantasy, like most women do, she decided to contact us. Because of her tits, she's been in Voluptuous magazine, and because she's also a sexy, mature woman, she's been in the movie Big Racks, Hot MILFs 4. And now, because we thought you'd like her, here she is at Sabrina-Jade's fetishes are "men in uniform and bondage." No bondage in this scene, but she does have sex with a man in uniform. He's a property surveyor who's inspecting Sabrina-Jade's property. He ends up inspecting her tits, which are bulging out of her top (She's also wearing a tight, short skirt with fishnet stockings, so she's clearly ready for action). Luke eats her pussy on the kitchen counter. He sprays whipped cream onto her rack, and Sabrina-Jade licks it off her nips while he eats her cunt. She kneels to suck his cock and balls and gets down on the kitchen floor so he can fuck her from behind, ass up, tits hanging. Sabrina told us that's her favorite position. She and her stud fuck every which way, and we get great views of Luke's big cock stretching out her pussy as he rams it again and again before cumming deep inside. Sabrina-Jade is a seamstress. "I tailor my own clothes because my big breasts and small back can be a problem with standard sizes," she said. "I love sexy clothing and heels. I own many sexy dresses, catsuits, corsets, PVC and leather clothing, lots of boots and shoes and, oh yes, bondage outfits as well." Funniest pickup line a guy has ever laid on her: "In Tesco, a guy did ask where the melons were." We know where they are.
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Sindi Star
Back in 2011 when Sindi Star debuted at, we did a video called "Getting To Know Sindi Star's Snatch." As we said at the time, "For just over 24 minutes, the conversation between editor Dave and Sindi is focused on that beautiful, pink cunt between her legs. She tells us how she likes it to be treated. She tells us all about the time she had it pierced. She tells us where to lick it." Today, Sindi, gives us a sequel to that video. It's a solo scene that was shot outdoors, but you don't have to listen to the editor's annoying voice. You just get to hear Sindi telling you what she wants you to do to her pussy. The camera gets in tight while she pulls aside her little black panties and two-fingers her pinky, pierced, meaty pussy. Then Sindi takes off her panties and we get even better views. For most of 18 minutes, 37 seconds, you'll be focused on Sindi's snatch. Her butthole, too. Sindi was really born for porn. She's so sexy and naughty. "I was conceived while my mother was in Las Vegas," she said. "I was kinda born a very naughty girl. I love showing off my body and curves. I play with my pussy every night. Mostly I use a vibrator right on my clit, and it makes a funny noise like the gardener is outside." No vibrator here. Just Sindi's long fingers exploring the insides of her cunt. Sindi is divorced. She's a mom. She used to be a swinger but isn't anymore. She told us, "I enjoy being nude around the house and in the sun. When I'm home, I'm usually naked and playing with my pussy."
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Kenzi Foxx
"I love to be watched," wife and mother of three Kenzi Foxx said. "I take pole-dancing classes. I lift weights. I love to go dancing and hang out at dive bars. And I love to be watched while having sex." Today, Kenzi, who has become one of our most-popular 50Plus MILFs, is going to be watched by MILF lovers around the world as she sucks and fucks Nicky's young cock and takes it deep in her pussy and ass. She has him cum in her ass, too. Nicky is the TV repairman. We don't know why repairmen get all the good mature pussy, but they do. It's a fact. He's been sent to the Foxx residence to fix a TV. Mr. Foxx isn't home. Mrs. Foxx is. Doesn't Mr. Foxx know what happens when you send a repairman to your house and your sexy wife is home alone? Well, maybe he does. Kenzi once told us, "My husband and I love going to parties because he loves watching me do gang bangs." So he's a very liberal hubby. Anyway, Nicky gets to the Foxx household, Kenzi's alone, and Nicky is nervous because the TV that needs fixing is in the master bedroom and he's sure something's going to happen that will get him in a heap of trouble. And maybe he can sense the sexual tension. Maybe he can feel it when Mrs. Foxx grabs his ass and takes a tit out. "Do you like older women?" she asks. "I don't know," he stupidly responds. "How old are we talking?" He's shocked to find out Kenzi is 50, and before long, his nervousness about Mr. Foxx coming home abates. He's sucking on Kenzi's big tits (and pierced nipples) and she's sucking his cock, and then he's balls-deep in her fuck holes. What makes Kenzi horny? "Men who smell good and dirty talk in and out of bed." Best compliment she's ever received? "I hear quite often how good my pussy feels." Nicky told us her ass feels really good, too.
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