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Lena Lewis
"I'm a one-woman show," said Lena Lewis, a 54-year-old, big-titted blonde who was born in Germany and lives in New York City. "I like being watched. I've never been in a situation where somebody could watch me having sex until I came here. But I like to have sex, and if there's the possibility that someone can see me doing it, that's very exciting." The idea in this scene is that Lena is all by herself in her backyard. She's wearing a bikini (which looks very good on her amazing body), and she's putting on a show for her neighbor. "He's very young," she says. "I know he loves older women." So Lena gets her tits out and licks her nipples. She pulls her bikini bottom aside and shows us her asshole (an asshole that has been fucked at Then she lies back and gets herself off. Lena has been an analyst, a personal assistant, a cabaret performer, a burlesque dancer and a bartender. She isn't a swinger or a nudist. We found her when she put out an ad looking for modeling work. "I love younger men, and I'm not even talking about the guys I had sex with in your studio," Lena said. "I recently had sex with a 19-year-old. He was cute but inexperienced. He wanted to be guided, so I taught him how to please a woman and how to be pleased. I got to teach him a lot. He had amazing staying power." Lena told us what she does for her men to make them feel special. "Out of bed, I'll cook his favorite food and serve him breakfast in bed. Have a quickie when he comes home from work. Plan a romantic getaway. "In bed, I'll wear sexy lingerie, use sweets, like chocolates, when making love, give him a lot of oral foreplay and give him a lap dance." She's a heckuva woman. Somehow, she's never been married. The line forms around the pool, guys.
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Vanessa, a 51-year-old hottie from Argentina, was a big deal on back in the day. When she debuted, however, there was no such thing as, so this remastered scene is appearing here for the first time. She's teaching a guy how to dance. She shows the dude how you have to move your Vanessa's case, by grinding them into the guy's cock. "You have to dance with passion," she says. Vanessa shows her passion by kneeling and sucking the guy's cock and balls. She wraps her big, fake tits around his big, real dick before getting fucked every which way. He finishes the dance lesson by cumming in her wide-open mouth. Cha-cha-cha! Vanessa has been a singer, dancer, movie actress and Las Vegas show girl. "I always liked sex," she said. "I had my first lesbian experience when I was 18. I had a much older boyfriend, like 40, and for my birthday, he got me a girl my age and I loved it. I still love threesomes. It's a double pleasure to have a man and a woman together." Eating pussy at age 18 was a good start, but Vanessa has gotten hornier as she's gotten older. "As you get older, you enjoy sex more and you want to try all the different fantasies. This is one of them."
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It's early in the morning, and there's a knock on the door. Sam answers to find a desperate brunette in need of help. Her car has broken down and her phone doesn't work. She needs to make a call. But here's the deal: The lady at the door, 50-year-old British MILF Sabrina-Jade, is wearing a coat, and under her coat, she has on a bikini under a sheer dress. She's teetering in extreme heels. And she has huge, natural tits. Seems as if Sabrina-Jade has been out partying all night. Sam, who's 22, lets her in and takes her to a room where there's a phone. He's amazed by the sight of her chest and she knows it. One thing leads to another and before long, he's being invited to feel her big, soft jugs. Sabrina-Jade never does get around to making that phone call. Sabrina-Jade is from Bedfordshire, England. She's a seamstress. You know how seamstresses measure your pants, starting from inside your thigh and going down to the hem? Can you imagine looking down and seeing Sabrina-Jade with her big tits pouring out of a tight top, holding the measuring tape inches away from your crotch? You'd undoubtedly grow a size or two. "I tailor my own clothes because my big breasts and small back can be a problem with standard sizes," Sabrina-Jade said. "I love sexy clothing and heels. I own many sexy dresses, catsuits, corsets, PVC and leather clothing, lots of boots and shoes and bondage outfits as well." Really, though, she doesn't need anything to dress up those big tits and her curvy, voluptuous body. We'll take her naked.
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