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Brie Daniels
Is it hot to watch a woman as she does the dishes? It is when that woman is 58-year-old divorcee Brie Daniels and she's doing the dishes while wearing heels and a sheer nightgown. You know what else is sexy? Watching that woman shining the knobs-we're talking about the knobs on the cabinet-then rubbing her body while she looks out a window at the construction guys working down below. So much for housework. Brie is going to work on herself for a little while. She's going to take out her toys and fuck her hairy pussy. Judging by this scene, it's amazing that she gets any work done around the house. "I think most people who know me would be stunned to see me in porn, even though they might have suspected all along that I would have a great time at it," said Brie, who's a mother and grand mother. "Yes, I'm the woman-next-door, but I'm always the first with a sexy joke or sexual innuendo." Good news! Later this week, Brie, our newest MILF, is going to fuck on-camera for the second time. But today, we have her all to ourselves. Brie was born in Washington State and lives in Clearwater, Florida. "I had fantasized about doing porn my whole life," Brie said. "I had fantasies in the back of my mind, but I was always a little prudish and didn't want to tell anyone what my fantasies were, so I didn't tell anyone what I wanted to do." More about Brie: "I would love to travel to Florence, Italy and Paris for the art museums and architecture." A man can get her attention by "being kind, respectful and only having eyes for me when I'm in the room. And also to be a little sexually dominant." Taking her out on a date? "I like a nice, quiet dinner with great conversation. That goes a long way for me." And then you'll find out how far Brie will far as you'd like!
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Honey Ray
"I love sex, and it's all about having fun," 58-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Honey Ray said. "I'm a giver and a pleaser, so I love making people feel good." Today, Honey Ray is making herself feel good, and by doing so, she's going to make you feel good, too. She fucks herself with a big, clear, ribbed dildo and makes her pussy and ass gape. "I don't think I've slowed down one bit. I enjoy sex now more than ever," said Honey Ray, who was 53 years old when she fucked on-camera for us for the first time. Honey Ray's kids found out what she's been doing in our studio, but if you think that stopped her from coming back, you don't know Honey. "I said to them, 'Do you think I've changed in the last 10 years?' They said, 'No.' I said, 'Am I the same person I always was?' They said, 'Yes.' So I said, 'Well, then you have nothing to worry about.' I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing." Honey Ray once told us, "My dream fuck is with a 35- to 40-year-old man who has an eight-inch cock. We're in a log cabin during the winter, there's snow outside and we're fucking in front of the fire. It sounds romantic, right? Maybe so, but in my mind, it's filthy. I'm sucking his cock real sloppily and then tonguing his asshole, and he's got his finger buried up my ass while he fucks me. And when he's eating me out, I've got a dildo in my pussy while he tongues my clit." Her kids probably don't need to know about that.
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"Rent is due on the first of the month. And no monkey business!" says 51-year-old Jazz as she lays down the law to her new boarder. "You look like you're in your first year of college." "Actually it's my second year," he says. As for that monkey happens pretty quickly. He starts groping her tits and she sucks his cock. It's clear from Jazz's pierced nipples that she likes to fool around. She gags on his cock as he face-fucks her, and Jazz doesn't back away. Mature women don't, you know. They know that big cock isn't going to kill them. Check out how loud and hard Jazz cums when he fingers her pussy while she's got cock stuffed in her mouth. And it turns out that she has a pierced clit, too! In this remastered blast from the past, streaming for the first time and on for the first time, the fortunate student pays his rent by banging Jazz's cunt about as hard as you can possibly bang it and cumming in her mouth. Don't you wish you could go back to school?
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